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Updated 1/22/16 6:46
Name: Worldwide Virtual
Location: Worldwide
Founder(s): Alan, Greg and Mario
Rank: 103
- Australia


Here at worldwide virtual, you can fly what you like, when you like, and however you like, no rules, no restrictions, it's all about having fun, that's our motto. Many other VA's tout all sorts of business regarding rules and regulation, here we abandon those limitations and give you the freedom to fly anything from a Cessna, or a 747 right from the very start. We realise many people fly for pure enjoyment, and not to mention the fact that it's your time, your computer, your power bill and also your software that you're using. You paid for enjoyment, not regulation!

With over 4 years of operation and 600+ pilots, Worldwide Virtual is setting the standard for Virtual Airline's. We use our own completely custom website and ACARS to deliver an experience that no-other VA has come close to replicating. We offer many airlines from around the world and our list is forever growing as well as numerous tours and the ability to make your own custom flight. If it's not in our database of over 250,000 flights, you can make it yourself!

Our tours are also extremely popular and online flying whilst no compulsory is recommended to add to your enjoyment with our own Teamspeak server. We also have our very own custom made ACARS to take the hassel out of that fiddly setup before each flight. And if you're really keen, we also cater for the serious simmer and include an online ATC environment with regular fly-in events. Everyone is welcome, pireps are never rejected and we welcome our members to visit the Forums where you will find some very interesting content. Our prime directive is about having fun, and enjoying your experience flying with us.

So come and join our Worldwide Virtual club today. Welcome aboard and enjoy your flight.

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This VA has 5000 confirmed hours
This VA has over 10,000 verified hours
This VA has over 500 pilots
This VA has over 1,000 pilots

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6/24/2017 - Michal Lesniak completed flight WW7823 (EDFE-EDDK)
6/24/2017 - Mkhuseli Tabata completed flight U21951 (EGCC-LSGG)
6/24/2017 - Johan Jacobs completed flight DL200 (KATL-FAOR)
6/24/2017 - Andrew Barter completed flight WW7998 (TNCM-TAPA)
6/24/2017 - Michael Quick completed flight WW7874 (EGGD-LFMN)
6/24/2017 - Tim Myrold completed flight WW7990 (KDEN-KRSW)
6/24/2017 - Tom Willson completed flight WW7995 (ESSA-ESSV)
6/24/2017 - rudolph miller rudy completed flight WW4065 (ESSA-EFHK)
6/24/2017 - rudolph miller rudy completed flight WW4065 (ESSA-EFHK)
6/24/2017 - Don Smith completed flight WW7930 (VVNB-YSSY)

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