Virtual Aviation Group
Virtual Aviation Group

Updated 6/23/17 7:28
Name: Virtual Aviation Group
Location: United Kingdom
Founder(s): Martin Langran
Rank: 130
- United Kingdom


The Virtual Aviation Group was founded by a small team of virtual pilots with a vision for a virtual airline that gives pilots more freedom and choice, without being tied down to a limited variety of aircraft or schedules. Here at the Virtual Aviation Group, we give our pilots the opportunity to fly for a wide variety of real world airlines with the routes to match. We welcome you to join us today and become part of a growing community and a virtual airline that puts you in control.

Airline Awards

This VA has 5000 confirmed hours

Airline Latest Events

1/11/2017 - Ashley Batchelor completed flight SCC12345 (LGKR-LGSK)
7/09/2016 - Tom Reino Haugstulen completed flight SAS1012 (ESSA-ESNS)
7/09/2016 - Jai Rodriguez completed flight AAL56A (KDEN-KMIA)
7/09/2016 - Rob Chadwick completed flight DAL908 (KATL-TNCM)
7/09/2016 - Charlie Packman completed flight DLH1751 (LGAV-EDDM)
7/09/2016 - Jai Rodriguez completed flight DAL2456 (KJFK-KDEN)
7/08/2016 - Rob Chadwick completed flight EZY1534 (EBBR-LSGG)
7/08/2016 - Terence White completed flight UAE228 (KSEA-OMDB)
7/08/2016 - Sanjay Menon completed flight SWR1842 (LSZH-LGAV)
7/08/2016 - Jai Rodriguez completed flight AAL1540 (KSFO-KMIA)

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6/12/2016 - Airline Modules
6/08/2016 - VTA v3.0

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