Southwest Virtual Airlines
Southwest Virtual Airlines

Updated 6/24/17 9:23
Name: Southwest Virtual Airlines
Location: United States
Founder(s): Juan Torres, Alec Velez, Ernesto Martinez & Gabriel Rodriguez
Rank: 100
- United States


Southwest Virtual Airlines was created to offer pilots a unique and unforgettable experience. Where the opinions and suggestions of all are enforced. SWA came to become the most powerful virtual airline in the world

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6/24/2017 - Felix Zapata completed flight SWA126 (KMSP-KMDW)
6/24/2017 - Andrew Copeman completed flight SCC3553 (KPDX-KSFO)
6/23/2017 - Jawad Ghezzal completed flight SWA48 (KSAN-KOAK)
6/23/2017 - Gabriel Rodriguez completed flight SWA259 (KMDW-KRSW)
6/23/2017 - Michael Gonzalez completed flight FFT1041 (TJSJ-KPHL)
6/23/2017 - Nate Sarto completed flight ACA525 (KBOS-CYYZ)
6/22/2017 - Ronnie Hazlett completed flight FFT1910 (KSAN-KAUS)
6/22/2017 - Carlos Velez completed flight SWA162 (KMDW-KAUS)
6/22/2017 - Nate Sarto completed flight DAL2300 (KATL-KBOS)
6/22/2017 - Nate Sarto completed flight SWA415 (KABQ-KDAL)

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