Qatar Airways Virtual
Qatar Airways Virtual

Updated 6/11/17 3:21
Name: Qatar Airways Virtual
Location: Doha - OTHH
Founder(s): Hamza Ali, Ali AlOwais
Rank: 159
- Qatar

Description: Qatar Airways Virtual would like to give you warm welcome to the next generation of virtual aviation. Qatar Airways Virtual is the first 5-star virtual airline in the world. We are fusing the exact same schedule and fleet that Qatar Airways uses and are fully staffed and offer amazing service with an amazing website. We will continue to improve our site and support for our pilots and partners. We are also a member on the Virtual Oneworld alliance, this will allow us to fly many codeshare flights. We also offer a custom livery which is beautifully designed. We hope to see you in the skies soon.

Airline Awards

This VA has over 500 pilots
This VA has 5000 confirmed hours
This VA has over 1,000 pilots
This VA has over 10,000 verified hours

Airline Latest Events

6/24/2017 - Matthias Grange completed flight QTR701 (OTHH-KJFK)
6/24/2017 - Matthias Grange completed flight QTR701 (OTHH-KJFK)
6/23/2017 - El Mouafak Mohammed completed flight QTR1136 (OTHH-OOMS)
6/23/2017 - David López González completed flight QTR150 (LEMD-OTHH)
6/23/2017 - EIlif Helstrup completed flight QTR1005 (OMDB-OTHH)
6/21/2017 - Shayaan Hussain completed flight QTR270 (LCLK-OTHH)
6/21/2017 - David López González completed flight QTR149 (OTHH-LEMD)
6/20/2017 - Matthias Grange completed flight QTR194 (EBBR-OTHH)
6/20/2017 - El Mouafak Mohammed completed flight QTR1142 (OTHH-OOSA)
6/19/2017 - Matthias Grange completed flight QTR193 (OTHH-EBBR)

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