Malaysia Virtual Airlines
Malaysia Virtual Airlines

Updated 3/24/16 8:22
Name: Malaysia Virtual Airlines
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Founder(s): Daniel Counahan
Rank: 160
- Malaysia

Description: Based upon the real operations of Malaysia Airlines, MVA strives to replicate the operations of Malaysia Airlines to the fullest.

Airline Awards

This VA has 5000 confirmed hours
This VA has over 10,000 verified hours
This VA has over 500 pilots
This VA has over 1,000 pilots

Airline Latest Events

6/21/2017 - Mohd Nazmi Harun completed flight MH1166 (WMKK-WMKP)
6/21/2017 - Edison Teng Teck Hern completed flight MH9140 (WSSS-WMKK)
6/21/2017 - Wayne Lee completed flight AK502 (WMKK-VYYY)
6/21/2017 - Mohd Nizam Sarudin completed flight MH1326 (WMKK-WMKN)
6/21/2017 - John Ruffel Suplemento completed flight AK609 (RPVK-WMKK)
6/21/2017 - Nazrie Abdillah completed flight AK5527 (WBGR-WMKP)
6/20/2017 - Nazrie Abdillah completed flight AK6071 (WBKK-WBGR)
6/20/2017 - Nazrie Abdillah completed flight AK236 (VHHH-WBKK)
6/19/2017 - Wayne Lee completed flight AK371 (WADD-WMKK)
6/19/2017 - Naim Roazman completed flight MK6191 (WMKP-WMKK)

Airline Latest Site News

10/09/2015 - Weekend Group Flight! 10/10/15
9/24/2015 - Welcome New staff
6/12/2015 - Pray4Sabah
5/22/2015 - 14th Weekend Group Flight
4/17/2015 - Weekend Group Flight
5/09/2014 - Sundays group flight WMKA-WMKK
3/08/2014 - MH370 Memorial Flight
11/16/2013 - Philippines Aid flight
6/30/2013 - Saturdays weekly group flight
6/13/2013 - Congrats to Kharul Anas

Latest Airline News From VAFlash

7/22/2014 - Malaysia Airlines Virtual Reaches 1000 Members
It is with great pleasure that I announce that Malaysia Virtual Airlines has reached 1000 members. After 4 years of operations we have reached this great milestone.  I have worked hard to bring MVA to where we are today. We have surpassed 17000 flights as well. Not many VA’s can say they reached 1000 pilots, Read more at

6/07/2013 - Malaysia Virtual Airlines Launches New Website
Malaysia Virtual Airlines would like to announce the launch of its brand new web site. It has taken 3 weeks to complete. It also comes not long after the promo video was launched. . We at MVA believe that with this new look we will only get better and better. We are also starting Read more at

7/01/2012 - Malaysia Virtual Airlines Update
Since the start of MVA nearly two years ago, we have certainly grown a lot. We have added six Malaysian airlines to the VA, with all their schedules up to date. We are one of the biggest VA’s in Malaysia, and one of the biggest VA’s in South East Asia. With over 5000 pireps submitted Read more at

8/19/2011 - Malaysia Virtual Airlines Turns One!
Malaysia Virtual Airlines is 1 year old this month.  Sing Malaysia Virtual Airlines happy birthday.  A lot has happened in the year of operations, we reached a very good milestone, 5000hours, and 2000 pireps.  As it is 1 year since ops began, all new pilots get a free 10 hours when they file their first Read more at

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