Italiani Volanti
Italiani Volanti

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Name: Italiani Volanti
Location: ITALY
Founder(s): Nicolo' Calloni, Mattia Guatta
Rank: 6
- Italy


Italian Volanti was founded in 2010 by a group of friends who share a passion for fliying.
In a very little time the group had success beyond imagination. Our Virtual Airline is currently ranked second in the world and its staff is constantly working to provide excellent service, and to make our programs and our website to its best appearance and to its perfect functionality. Its President Nicolo' Calloni is proud to have by his side, on the board of IV, the vice-president Mattia Guatta.

The following staff members also contribute to the growth of our Virtual Airline too:
4 Pirep Manager, 1 Flight and Fleet Manager and many other members of our staff.

Our group has a 24/7 server in a server LAN which is reachable at the following IP:
with the functionality of an automatic BOT.
For communications we use a Teamspeak 3 served reached at the address:

We believe that those who want to join our group, can find a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, where you can spend your free time in peace and serenity. ITALIAN VOLANTI always wants the best for its users!

Airline Awards

This VA has 5000 confirmed hours
This VA has over 10,000 verified hours

Airline Latest Events

6/24/2017 - Francesco Mura completed flight IV2784 (LICC-LIIV)
6/24/2017 - Alfredo Cirasa completed flight IV2125 (LIPO-LIME)
6/24/2017 - Alfredo Cirasa completed flight IV1949 (LSZA-LIMC)
6/24/2017 - Saverio Sapia completed flight IV0693 (LIRU-LEPP)
6/24/2017 - Alfredo Cirasa completed flight IV0223 (LICC-LMML)
6/24/2017 - Francesco Mura completed flight IV3269 (LOWI-LICC)
6/24/2017 - Giovanni Biasion completed flight IV1519 (LILG-LIMC)
6/24/2017 - Vladimir Cuneaz completed flight IV1658 (EGSS-LIBD)
6/24/2017 - Francesco Mura completed flight IV0544 (LIRJ-LIRF)
6/24/2017 - Pierino Cappellari completed flight IV1769 (ZPPP-VHHX)

Airline Latest Site News

3/19/2012 - DONATE!
3/12/2012 - motivi di REJECT pirep
9/22/2011 - Proposta tratte
5/01/2011 - vaCentral RANKS

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