Hellenic Imperial Airways Virtual
Hellenic Imperial Airways Virtual

Updated 6/20/17 3:54
Name: Hellenic Imperial Airways Virtual
Location: Athens, Greece
Rank: 140
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Description: Hellenic Imperial Airways Virtual was created by a group of friends with love for their hobby of flight simulation, in order to share the unique experience with those who have the same passion. We created a community of virtual pilots not only for Imperial to represent the virtual skies, but primarily in order to develop and enhance our hobby in the most entertaining and realistic way possible. Welcome to Hellenic Imperial Airways Virtual

Airline Awards

This VA has 5000 confirmed hours
This VA has over 10,000 verified hours

Airline Latest Events

6/23/2017 - Sotiris Kottis completed flight IMP230 (LGKR-ESGG)
6/22/2017 - John Vlasopoulos completed flight IMC1007 (LGAV-LGKR)
6/20/2017 - Vasilios Nikolaou completed flight IMC1132 (EPKT-ULLI)
6/20/2017 - Sotiris Kottis completed flight IMP230 (LGKR-EPGD)
6/19/2017 - Manolis Kantounias completed flight IMR1771 (VNKT-LGAV)
6/19/2017 - Vasilios Nikolaou completed flight IMR5093 (LUKK-LGAV)
6/18/2017 - Sotiris Kottis completed flight IMP230 (ULLI-LROP)
6/18/2017 - Vasilios Nikolaou completed flight IMR707 (ENSB-LUKK)
6/16/2017 - Vasilios Nikolaou completed flight IMR2065 (LIME-LGTS)
6/14/2017 - Chris Voultjatis completed flight IMR1002 (LGSA-LGAV)

Airline Latest Site News

1/23/2014 - The Alps Challenge Tour
1/05/2014 - Repaint FIXes
12/29/2013 - Spain and Portugal tour
6/09/2012 - Summer in Greece 2013 Tour
5/20/2012 - World Tour & Latin Party Tour
3/27/2012 - vaCentral
3/17/2012 - Mediterranean Tour
3/07/2012 - Forum Added in Imperial
2/02/2012 - Touchdown of the month
1/23/2012 - Cyprus Virtual Event

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