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Name: Alaskair
Location: Alaska
Founder(s): Gavin Browett, Peter Nicholson
Rank: 49
- United Kingdom


Alaskair was founded in September 2016 with the ambition of being a freight and passenger airline serving remote communities in Alaska.


Similarly to the TV show "Flying Wild Alaska", our pilots and aircraft must endure harsh weather conditions, short take off and landings and demonstrate a high degree of skill.


While we do also fly between large international airports in the Alaska / Canada / North America area, the main fun is in the bush.

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6/24/2017 - Pete Hasselaar completed flight AKC1412 (PAJN-CYVR)
6/24/2017 - Justin Miller completed flight AKVSC13 (PACV-PAHO)
6/24/2017 - Pete Hasselaar completed flight AKC1356 (7AK2-PAJN)
6/20/2017 - Pete Hasselaar completed flight AKV9022 (KSNA-KSMX)
6/20/2017 - Elias Severholt completed flight AKV9023 (PASW-PAMR)
6/20/2017 - Oscar Vazquez completed flight AKVFR19 (PAEM-SXP)
6/20/2017 - Oscar Vazquez completed flight AKVFR18 (PAMO-PAEM)
6/19/2017 - Oscar Vazquez completed flight AKVFR17 (0AK-PAMO)
6/19/2017 - Pete Hasselaar completed flight AKV9023 (KNID-KSNA)
6/19/2017 - Lucas Oliveira completed flight AKV9022 (PAFA-PAFW)

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