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As the CEO of this Virtual Airline, I would like to say on behalf of the Staff & Crew, Welcome to Monarch Virtual.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nLet me start by telling you that Monarch Virtual is no-way connected or afiliated with the real Monarch Virtual, so all of the Trademarks and Logos belomg to Monarch Airlines.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nMonarch Virtual is a kind and caring VA we do not take things as serious as other airlines do eg. 'No Swearing before 6pm' feel free to speak as you wish but we dont like to hear it towards other members of Monarch Virtual.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nWe operate off a small but poweful fleet such as: Boeing 757, Airbus A320. Any requests or problems please e-mail the Pilot Resources Manager at\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\nOnce again, on behalf of the cabin and crew, welcome onboard Monarch Virtual!

Base: Manchester, Gatwick, Birmingham, Luton
Founder(s): Kieran Jones
Website: Monarch Virtual
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