What is vaCentral?

vaCentral is a virtual airline community, revolving around the software, phpVMS. It brings all of the virtual airlines together into one virtual world, with ranking and a virtual economy. It's targeted as both a publicity tool for VAs, and introduces a competitive environment.

How to participate?

You either have to use phpVMS to administer your virtual airline; or if you're using a custom system, you can implement your code to talk to vaCentral through XML.

Please help with the recurring monthly expenses to keep vaCentral online.

Current vaCentral Stats
Stat Updated (EST)
Today's PIREPS5261/17 12:00
Yesterday's PIREPS1,6691/17 00:01
Total PIREPS3,327,5911/17 12:00
Pilots74,3691/17 12:00
Schedules969,9691/17 12:00
Flight Hours6,948,5031/17 12:00
Active Airlines2271/17 12:00
All Airlines1,8591/17 00:01
Live Flights2321/17 12:00
Todays Most Active VA's
Rank Airline PIREPs
1Worldwide Virtual39
2DLH Virtual Group25
3Phoenix Virtual Airways22
5Delta Virtual18
Last Updated: 1/17 11:29
Most Liked VA's
Airline Likes
Delta Virtual15
Italiani Volanti10
British Virtual Group10
WeGo Airways9
DLH Virtual Group9
EasternHops VA Community9
Aer Lingus Virtual9
Phoenix Virtual Airways9
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