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vaCentral is a virtual airline world - if you have a VA, you can participate! Most of the airlines run phpVMS, but it's not required. vaCentral aims to be the biggest virtual airline world, and a means for competition and recruitment. Check out the stats for yourself!

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Overhaul and improvements - Posted on on 11/6/10
vaCentral Update - Posted on on 6/3/10

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Japan Airlines Virtual - Andres Poleo completed flight JAL631 (VHHH-RJBB)
2015-07-28 04:17:02 (3 minutes ago)

Japan Airlines Virtual - Jeff Leung completed flight JAL631 (VHHH-RJBB)
2015-07-28 04:17:02 (3 minutes ago)

Greece Airways Va - Bert Mulder completed flight EIV935 (EHRD-EGGD)
2015-07-28 04:11:47 (8 minutes ago)

EasternHops VA - Sir Ramboo completed flight EAS4257 (KLAX-ENGM)
2015-07-28 04:10:55 (9 minutes ago)

Canadian Xpress Virtual Airline - Mark Hall completed flight CXA845 (KSFO -PHNL)
2015-07-28 04:06:38 (14 minutes ago)

SkyGreece Virtual - Klearxos Terpos completed flight GW0423 (CYUL-CYYZ)
2015-07-28 04:04:45 (16 minutes ago)

MY Airlines - Ariobarzin Vahabzadeh completed flight IMY110 (OIMM-OBBI)
2015-07-28 04:03:45 (17 minutes ago)

Worldwide Virtual - Hugh Costello completed flight WW5022 (EYVI-LBSF)
2015-07-28 03:55:47 (24 minutes ago)

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What is vaCentral?

vaCentral is a virtual airline community, revolving around the software, phpVMS. It brings all of the virtual airlines together into one virtual world, with ranking and a virtual economy. It's targeted as both a publicity tool for VAs, and introduces a competitive environment.

How to participate?

You either have to use phpVMS to administer your virtual airline; or if you're using a custom system, you can implement your code to talk to vaCentral through XML.

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